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Chewy Necklaces


Made a few of those chewy necklaces I talked about last time!

Super easy to make and a great way to kill time! 
We had a party for one of the brothers on Friday and here's a picture of me with my sister in law.  She's 6 weeks ahead of me sooooo... 24-ish weeks?

Raz's candidate won his race! So he's napping until church today and I'm sitting around trying to figure out ways to make more $$! I'm frustrated by my lack of OT work, but know that it's all in God's hands. He's provided so much for us and this is how I am learning to lean on and trust Him for everything.

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30 Minute Full Body Workout


I had a long break from work today so I managed to come home, do a few things around the house and knock out a 30 minute full body workout in the backyard!

Squats x 10
Weighted Side Leans x15      ------ Repeat x3
Bicep Curls x15

Deadlifts x15
Weighted Overhead Pulls x10  ------ Repeat x3
Tricep Kickbacks x12

Lunges, each leg x10
Modified Woodchoppers x10  -------Repeat x3
Skull Krushers x12

It's amazing how small things wear me out! I had to hold on to our patio furniture to do the lunges! I took frequent water breaks and made sure I was out of the sun.

I also took a 30 minute walk on my lunch break along the Trinity River which was great in helping me get all my steps in today!



Holy guacamole, it's May!! How is this possible.

Baby Update: Tomorrow will be 18 weeks! Also, I think I felt the baby move this morning! *it felt like gas, but very different* I'm still fitting into nearly everything I own but prefer to wear good ole' elastic when I can!

Workout Update: I counted in my planner 18 days out of 30 in April, that I worked out. Many of the workouts were way less strenuous than I would have counted before, such as playing 9 holes of golf, taking a lunch time walk, etc. Overall I am pleased with how much I did, especially when I felt sluggish most of the time.

This month I want to increase how many times a week I do weights (at least 2 for starts!!). I'd also like to swim about 2x a week. The extra day needs to be cardio!

In random news, I'm playing with the idea of starting a sensory necklace/jewlery/toys online shop. I would sell chewy necklaces to mothers with teething babies, pacifier chains, chewy toys and other items that st…

Crampy Cramps


I was able to add in freestyle strokes to my swim the other day and while I was not blazing fast (keep your surprise to yourself, please), I completed my mile in 54 minutes, instead of 58. I'll take the improvement!  It felt good to move like that again.

Yesterday I woke up exhausted and instead of biking/swimming, I went for a long walk at lunch time and did some yoga.

In the evening I was loading the dishwasher and had an uncomfortable sensation in my low abdomen and lower back. Not necessarily pain, but dull and achy. This happened on and off until the time I went to sleep. I texted the midwife about it and she encouraged me to drink more water and said we would test for a UTI, just in case.

Slept great through the night, but started having the same crampy pains after being awake for an hour or so. I had planned on going swimming but the midwife encouraged me to take it easy until our appointment later today, just to make sure everything was 'normal'.


Food Fail


Baby Update: Cletus is 16 weeks now and the size of an avocado! I am starting to really pudge out and only late at night does it feel like a bump!

Workout Updates: I have been swimming a few times and was amazed at how good it felt. I've been able to swim a mile in around 58 minutes each time. This is about what my old time was so it definitely feels good. I have more or less given up on doing freestyle and am just sticking with the breast stroke for now. It's slower, but breathing has it's pro's too!

Thanks to increasing *growth* I've been using my Buband when I swim to help keep things under control. I love that thing and it's seriously been my pregnancy saving grace!

Yesterday morning I did 10 miles on the bike trainer- holy heck, when did that get so hard!? It felt like my thighs were on fire after 1 mile! Clearly, I'm going to have to up the work on that! I now only have 46 more miles until my 'Virtual 70.3' is complete! Hah, what a jok…

TailWind Nutrition


TailWind Nutrition is what I use during long runs or cycles. I was drawn to the brand because it promises to get you enough calories for an hour of exercise, in liquid form with "no gut bombs". This is beyond important to me because I have a notoriously wimpy tummy. I have had more GI DISTRESS on a single long run, than most people have in an entire year.

I started out by ordering their Sample Bundle, which has 7 different flavors for about $17! That's insanely cheap compared to other brands.  My favorites are Raspberry Buzz and Berry. I like how strong the flavor is and true to form- no tummy aches and I've had good energy.

Several months ago I applied to be a Tailwind Nutrition ambassador, which would more or less mean I could endorse the brand, get discounts and be counted among a handful of incredible athletes. (Yeah I knooooow. It was a long shot, but I'm not one to let "no" stop me).

There's a guy named Cory that I follow on Facebook. H…

Ragnar Texas Recap!


Y'all may faintly remember that I did the Texas Ragnar; running from Batrop to Luckenbach with 11 other women in a single van.

We stayed the night in a roach-coach in Bastrop and while I slept like a log, 2 of the girls in our group did not sleep a second. Something about me having to kill roaches in the room really freaks some people out. That 4am wake up call came early.
Our start time was at 5:45am, but naturally we had to be there an hour before hand to get "prepped" and to hear the safety stuff. I was runner #2 *heh*, so I received the slap bracelet (baton) around 6:30am and took off on my first leg. 
Leg 1: 4.20 miles Actual distance/time: 4.5 miles in 48 minutes (10:38 pace)
It was beautiful and now I wish I'd taken a few photos. I ran as the sun was coming up and through fields of wild flowers. There was mist covering the pastures and scenic bridges and cattle abounding.   I was fine with this because I started out running in the dark and had to stop a …